Begin and End with the Feeling of Family...

About Anthony

Andy Bruno knew the restaurant business better than anyone. As most Italians, he had a great love for food and shared that love with his family. A restaurant owner in New York for many years, he moved his family to South Florida in 1980. In 1982, with his son Anthony, he opened Anthony’s Runway 84, which would become a landmark Restaurant for over 35 years in Fort Lauderdale, located 2 miles from Las Olas Boulevard. The father son combination was exceptional.

Anthony’s success came from family. He comes from a traditional Italian family, growing up surrounded by relatives and the restaurant business. His focus on food started at a very young age with a father who worked in clubs and restaurants his entire life and had the gift of an extraordinary palate and with a mother who was an excellent cook.

Over the years, Anthony’s unique vision has created the feeling of family when you enter through the door into an era that we thought left us long ago. This family style atmosphere allows you to the comfort to order a few different courses all made fresh in the kitchen and enjoy dinner like you did on Sundays at Grandmas.

In 2002, Anthony opened Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, the first coal fired pizza restaurant in Florida. The success was so overwhelming he now has 63 restaurants across the country.